If you’re looking for an exciting adventure on a windy day in Jersey then here it is! Think go karting meets sailing, but on the sand… propelled by the wind…! Witness 75 year old grannies shrieking gleefully as they overtake their grandkids, and watch as mums and dads go head to head. The blokart is easy to master, hand steered like a bike, and there’s only one sail. We’ll give you a ten minute sailing and safety brief and then off you go!

DAYS: Tuesday, Thursday Sunday

TIME: 2 hours before and after low tide

DURATION: 1 hour

LOCATION: Le Braye at St Ouen’s Bay

PRICE: ADULTS: £35     |     UNDER 16s: £30     |     4 – 7 YEARS: £15

AGE LIMITS: 8 years + in a single blokart; 4-7 years in a side cart

Please call us on 07829 881111 to book the side cart