Stand Up Paddleboarding

If you’ve never tried this hugely popular, and fast growing sport before, then come on down and head out with our qualified SUP instructors, and give it a go! With a big fitness benefit, Paddle Boarding has plenty of people (including our top surfers) learning a whole new way to play in the ocean.  Alternatively if you’re looking at getting your own board, and want to refine your technique and learn some useful skills before heading out on your own, then these lessons are perfect for you!

DAYS: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

TIME: 11:00am

DURATION: 1 hour

LOCATION: St Brelades Bay

PRICE: ADULTS: £25     |     UNDER 16s: £22

We also rent our boards for use within St Brelades Bay. Rentals cannot be booked in advance. 

RENTAL PRICES:£10 for half hour    |     £15 for an hour