Example Itinerary


Session 1

Participants will learn about John Muir and the aims of the course in the first session. Based at the Splash surf centre, time will also be spent collecting Hottentot fig from around the area. After lunch we will take the students to the wetland centre where they will learn about all the local bird life. Then onto the beach / promenade to learn about St Ouens Bay

Session 2

Based at Corbiere, the group will learn about the extent of the Hottentot fig that is surrounding the coastline. They will split into two groups. One will stay and collect the fig while the other will take a walk and learn about the amazing history of the area. They will have lunch and then switch for the afternoon.

Session 3

Starting from La Moye prison area we will take the students on a walk to St Brelades Bay, spotting the amazing bird life that they learnt about at the Wetland Centre and also exploring the German fortifications and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Session 4


Based in St Brelades Bay - session 4 is the time to get on the water and take a spin on the RIBs. The kids will travel along the south coast seeing the amazing coastline from the water, enjoying the speed and excitement of the RIB. They will also spend time on the beach doing sand art and learning about the Woolly Mammoths that once roamed the bay.


The final part of the award programme involves the students sharing what they have learnt. This can be done through a school assembly or class presentation to other students. Following completion of all the sessions Absolute Adventures will arrange for the certificates to be sent to the school.