Hen and Stag

We love hosting hen and stag events as the groups are some much fun and always up for having a good laugh. Just the other day we hosted 10 hens from Wales and it was brilliant. They decided to go for a RIB tour of the south coast followed by some super suping.

The sea was a bit bumpy which made for a fun bouncy ride, all the girls loved it and enjoyed all the facts about the south coast. 

There was lots of giggles when we got them onto the super sups, split them into two groups of five. Kevin and Sean decided to take them to the end of Brelades bay and paddle through devils jaws which made for some excited faces. 

At the end of it was perfect for some pier jumping, the bride to be was the first to jump with no hesitation. 

We cant wait to host more hen and stags very soon, the next group are booked in for some blokarting.

The smiling hens

The smiling hens



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