June 13th SUPer Race!

Yesterday evening we held our first SUPer Race of the season and there was a great turn out! From veterans to novices, young to old, we had every category filled! In total we had 8 highly competitive teams (Sunnyside, Canoe Club, Slots, Woma & Co., Just Hayden, Absolute Legends, Stinky B and last but not least, the Traitors!) who all paddled as hard as their little arms would go, in an attempt to be crowned champions of the first SUPer Race of 2018!

The teams of four had to race three times against different competitors and try to get as many points as they could, to secure themselves a place in the final (1st – 3pts, 2nd – 2pts, 3rd – 1pt)

SUPer Race Group Photo St. Brelade's

It was a hard fought contest between all competitors but there of course had to be a winner!

After the heats had been completed, we had our three finalists; Sunnyside won all three of their heats and strolled into the final easily with a massive 9 points! Absolute Legends, The so called ‘Legends’ smashed their first race, and in the 2nd and 3rd races they somehow managed to grasp enough points to see them into the final. Finally the Traitors took some time getting into the swing of things placing 2nd in their first race, but then picked up the pace and won the next two with ease!

SUPer Race Score Board Finalists

The start of the race for overall 1st place began once everyone was psyched and ready, our finalists looked exhausted but they were ready to give it their all. Kevin gave the word and they all raced into the water MegaSUPs in hand. Everyone got up on their boards easily and started paddling towards the marker. There were a few close calls on the way out, but on the way back to the beach was the most intense of all the races! Unfortunately Sunnyside lost all strength and drifted to the back, Absolute Legends and the Traitors were neck and neck until they got to the beach and somehow the Traitors managed to snatch triumph, thanks to a quick dismount and swiftly moving their board up onto the beach! Here’s a video of the remaining seconds of the final

A big thank you to everyone who came and made the event such an enjoyable and fun evening! For those who didn’t make it to this one, don’t worry there’s another one coming up at the end of the month! Check out our Facebook page for more information (or follow this link).

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